As a professional network marketer, it is important to know and use these nine ways to optimize your network marketing website which will be discussed shortly. In this era where each business is almost required to have an excellent online presence, sadly many are left behind most especially in the network marketing industry. With the right leadership and an optimized website system, any business can have a massive catch up.

Here are the  9 steps to greatly  improve your website as a network marketing professional:

WordPress’ fast and reliable content management system

If you are looking to optimize your network marketing website, then starting with a WordPress website is a smart first move. WordPress is tested and built for the fastest and most reliable performances.

Big business trust WordPress as well as professional online marketers use its content marketing capabilities. Thus starting network marketers can so too.

Fast and unlimited hosting

Optimize your network marketing website photo fastFor any high performing website, you will need fast and virtual unlimited hosting. If you choose to run with a WordPress website, you are in good hands. Several companies have WordPress tailored hosting. Optimizing your network marketing website starts with hosting your WordPress website at a WP tailored company.

A WP tailored company has fast and unlimited hosting. You don’t want to pay for any upgrade, nor do you want to skip on performances of the server.

How can you find such a hosting company? Well you always can start reading reviews and WordPress hosting comparisons. And don!’t forget to choose for a hosting company with great customers support.

Premium theme

A great website has a beautiful theme. Optimize your network marketing website will need a fast and beautiful theme too. WordPress has standard and premium themes. You may freely choose the fastest and best optimized theme for your budget.

Google Page Speed Insight

Optimize your network marketing website photo with googleLooking forward how you are performing? Testing and optimizing your network marketing website can be done with Google Page Speed Insights. Although you also can test with services like GTmetrix and Pingdom, the Google Page Speed Insights is a must.

See for yourself how your network marketing website goes. Of course the goal is score A .

With Google Page Speed Insights you will always have the next step in optimizing your network marketing website.

php 7

Getting into the coding languages: optimize your network marketing website with PHP 7.1. This latest edition of the PHP coding language, is faster than before.

Include PHP 7.1, because of its huge performance gains.

Get your server on PHP 7.1, and check if you’re hosting company and website is able to run on it.

Performance caching 

Browsers caching and server-based caching is the fast way to optimize your network marketing website.

Server based caching is done by the hosting company. Browser based caching is best done with a WordPress plugin; WP 3 Total Cach, WP Super Cach, WP Rocket, ex. ….

gZip fast images

gZip helps your website deliver faster image; a great way to optimize your network marketing website. Faster delivering of images helps your visitors get to the full loaded website quickly.

CDN ultra fast delivery

COptimize your network marketing website photo for CDNonnecting your network marketing website to a content delivery network, CDN, will help your optimization.

Max CDN, Key CDN and Cloud Flare, are just a few of the high performing content delivery networks.

Integrate your CDN service. This helps you to optimize your network marketing website. Its very easy to set up. Check your hosting setting or use a WordPress plugin to help you.

Optimize your network marketing website with ultra security

Last but not the least, set-up your security. Nothing is worst than having your website down by hackers. Security settings will address hosting, coding and WordPress settings. Optimizing your network marketing website will need a security fence, if it wants to stay optimized.

These are the 9 ways on how to optimize your network marketing website. If this take your interest, you can talk and share this with your web designer or website managing company.

As a MLM Wolfpacker, these helpful optimizations are all done for you without the hustle and bustle. Let our team do all the heavy lifting for you.