Finding the best MLM organization is a crucial step before joining any network marketing business. A MLM company will directly influence your success in health and wealth thus finding the best fit for your needs is a must.  Before clicking on the next ads you see online or before joining your friend’s company after the home party, just accept that it rarely will be the company you can retire in.

Many MLM leaders have switched companies from one to another before they found the ultimate company that worked best for them.  With the use of online ratings and reviews, it is easier to make up your mind which one to go. Absolutely you will find negative mindsets and feedback in your research. But before losing your hope and getting discouraged, it is smart to understand vital rules on choosing the best MLM business:

How long does the company exists?

A company that is too old or to young can be a danger. Checking the birth of the company is one of the basics. Take note that good MLM companies are not new anymore. All companies are at danger in the first three years of operation. So be careful with bright new start-ups.

How do you avoid dead old companies? Well a lot depends on how the +20-year-old companies manage to adapt over time. If there are MLM companies that succeeded in doing business for over two decades, it’s important to check if they continued to adapt their; marketing plan, products, business training and market.

What products do they sell?

The product is not the only reason that will break or make the best MLM company. But the product can inspire and reveal the business ethics.

The best MLM company has to have inspiring products

The inspiration will drive your business. The uniqueness, quality or the scarcity of the product can be a reason that inspire you. We are all inspired by all sort of things. Choose a MLM company that fits your needs and passion. You can go for a business that focus on health, beauty or travel MLM company.

The best MLM company stays away from overpriced products

Seen it before, companies that list products that are higher priced without any added value. The best MLM company should have added value to their products. And the value should be more than pep talk and pushing other people to buy. A real difference in the product quality, training, experience, flavor, taste, smell and so on.

In general, the rule is: the use of the product should have a positive result on the user so that it convinces enough to get sold. The best MLM company should focus as well on presenting the product and it should value the price fairly.

The best MLM company has a catalogue of products

When you lead with your product it’s always good to realize that it isn’t about making a single sale. The best products for MLM are consumable products for daily use.

Having a catalogue of products is a requirement to serve clients. Since people have different needs and interests, the catalogue will help you in presenting the products that they already buy and use.

“Shopping in YouMart”

In other words, the best MLM company has many products listed in their catalogue. And stay away from companies with a so-called secret or magic product that claims to change your life quickly. The good MLM business are not into  short-cuts and magic.

What training do they offer?

The training will let you make it or break it. The best MLM company should have the best training available. It’s that simple!

You can only duplicate if you are able to teach your team members how to use the products and how to do the business with a training system. If the MLM company has no or insufficient trainings available it will be practically impossible to be the best MLM company.

Robert Kiyosaki once said that MLM training offers “the most valuable training”. For him, teachings on how to do MLM business is the best reason why you should join the network marketing industry.


What teamwork is available?

If your MLM company provides great training, you still can improve by joining in a team where you will be helped and welcomed.  Teamwork makes a huge difference. Additional support for day-to-day marketing, coaching or motivation. A simple team follow-up and leadership training can’t always be provided by the best MLM company. It’s the responsibility of the MLM team to duplicate the marketing training.

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