Online lead generation is popular in network marketing, but how can I collect leads online? MLM leads are collected in an email list. At the MLM Wolfpack, Mailchimp is one of our favorite email list providers. In this article you will learn how to collect MLM leads in three easy steps.

How to set-up a Mailchimp account

Collecting leads is easy with Mailchimp, not having an account yet. Open one for free.

You can set-up a Mailchimp account for free. Do this first.

Step 1: sign up free

Mailchimp sign up free

Step 2: get started with a free account

Mailchimp get started

Secondly, make a list in Mailchimp, that’s one list for all your subscribers.

Go to “lists” in the top menu > then “create list”

Let’s collect MLM leads in this Mailchimp email list.

How to collect MLM leads with your WordPress website

Online lead generation can be done with a well designed and optimized WordPress website.

At the MLM Wolfpack we run our lead generation with a WordPress website.

Read our article; why you should use a WordPress website.

Although you can find many plugins to collect leads,

one of the easiest ways to collect MLM leads is the free Hustle

Let’s install the free Hustle plugin. Lets set it up.

Go to “plugins” in your WordPress dachboard > “Add New” > search for “Hustle”

Hustle online lead plugin

How can I collect leads online

Now that you have a Mailchimp list, you can connect hustle to that list. After you finished this, you will collect your MLM leads in your Mailchimp list.

Connect your Mailchimp with Hustle with the Mailchimp API. This API you can be found under

or Account > Extra > API > create an API

Mailchimp api key picture

Copy this API key into your Hustle campaign

WordPress Dashboard > Hustle > Email opt-ins > Create a Campaign

Connect Hustle WP plugin to Mailchimp


How can I collect leads online as a network marketing professional?

It can be done with free tools and an easy set-up.

With these three step you can collect MLM leads:

  1. Set-up your Mailchimp account
  2. Set-up your Hustle plugin
  3. Connect the Mailchimp list with the Hustle plugin, create a mailchimp API

At the MLM Wolfpack, we provide these services with premium features.

And let us know how you collect your online leads in the comments below.