The Network Marketing Leadership Secrets will explain you in the simplest way how you can become a successful MLM star. Leadership development is crucial in Network Marketing. To really succeed at a high level, you need the ability to identify existing leaders, recognize upcoming potential leaders, and then help those potential leaders step into their greatness.

Let’s have a look at these Network Marketing Leadership Secrets:

#1. Lead Yourself First

Don’t make the classic mistake in network marketing leadership, thinking that you can sponsor a few people and wait for them to grow your team. Your team members are more likely to copy yourself than you think.

Take leadership, raise your own standards, and lead your team. The MLM Wolfpack rule number two is: Do the best you can do. It’s all you need to do to grow yourself. Be the example people decide to duplicate.

“All leadership starts by example.” – Randy Gage

#2. Grow People

In network marketing leadership you can lead yourself, but you can’t grow your network. You have to lead them by growing your people.

This starts with personal development.

Your network will grow as fast as you grow. The moment the leader grow, he can grow the people.

Personal development is a business culture, nurture it. Lead your team into a self-growth in; confidence, wisdom, knowledge and skills.

“You can carry one, you maybe can carry two, but you can’t carry three.” – Jim Rohn

#3. Lead People, Manage Things

Don’t love your network marketing company title, love your people. As a network marketing leader, you lead people and manage things.

Leading people means setting an example, modeling the behavior and reaching down in the group, guidance and training.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John Maxwell

Network Marketing Leadership Quote by John Maxwell

#4. Network Marketing Leadership = Develop Belief

Online authority can give people the wrong impression that they need to be so confident that people will follow them. The contrary. People will follow if their belief got developed.

Leadership secret number 4 is about building belief and confidence in the people themselves.

‘Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do.” – Benjamin Spock

#5. Call Your Leaders

The fifth network marketing leadership secret is about knowing and understanding the leadership potential in people.

Realize that most people don’t want to lead and never will do it.

Don’t make leadership behavior the cost to be successful in your team. If you do, it will cause two things to happen…

  1. You will disempower people because they will think that your team has already great leaders.
  2. Your team will not have a great team, because 85% of the people will run away from the leadership behaviour.

#6. It’s About the Success of the Followers

Network marketing leadership secret 6, is about the successes that team members achieve.

As a leader, you focus and reward small successes.

Celebration and recognition is fundamental in appreciating the efforts the team member makes.

How many people are being recognized in your team?

As a leader you think about how you can help your team members reach their next goal and company level.

#7. How Many Leaders do you Develop

The 7th network marketing leadership secret is all about the law of numbers.

It’s a numbers game!

Not 1, not 2, … every month you will need progress in leadership development.

It’s not about the number of people in your team.

It’s about the leadership progress. This is vital in network marketing.

#8. Practice and Teach

Practice and teach is the last of our network marketing secrets. The eight secret is known and still unknown. To become a better leader, you will need to practise and teach.

  • Repeat it,
  • Get in the trances,
  • Make your hands dirty.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee