The free eBook, ‘Rich Dad’s 3 Step Guide to Financial Freedom’ by Robert Kiyosaki, is available on Rich Dad’s website. The eBook’s goal is to teach its reader about financial education in just three easy steps. Furthermore, it motivates the reader to take action and continue to work towards their financial goals.

After reading Rich Dad’s 3 Step Guide to Financial Freedom eBook, you’ll be able to make:

  • financial education a lot easier
  • MLM duplication into reality
  • smart entrepreneurial guidance

Overall this well written, 13-page free eBook, is a holy grail for any network marketing professional. But before digging into it, let’s have our review of Rich Dad’s 3 Step Guide to Financial Freedom:

Introduction to Rich Dad’s 3 Step Guide to Financial Freedom

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Learn why the poor are in debt and the rich are getting richer.

The personal story of Robert Kiyosaki can inspire you to see the differences in the financial system.

Increasing your financial education, and putting it into practice.

Summary of the 3 Steps to Financial Freedom:

  1. Learn about the differences between assets and liabilities
  2. Learn about the connection between mindset and the Cashflow Quadrant, success and the rat race
  3. Putting the first two steps into action

The most important thing you need to know

Most importantly: is it an asset or a liability?

As part of the Rich Dad 10 minutes book series, Robert Kiyosaki explains the difference and the importance between an asset and a liability.

The difference is: cashflow!

Does the cash flows to you? If Yes, then it is an asset.

One of the reasons people struggle financially is because they don’t understand the difference between assets and liabilities.

Knowing the difference requires financial literacy.

Because of fear, many people are not financial successful.

It takes courage to choose for assets and keep your liabilities into balance. This result in winning and losing in finance.

Successful people take control in their lives as well as finances!

The CASHFLOW® Quadrant

Getting rich, or not getting rich? That’s the question.

For Robert Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad’s 3 Step Guide to Financial Freedom it all depends on the Quadrant you are in.

You have four quadrants:

  1. Employee
  2. Self-employed
  3. Business
  4. Investor

Depending on your quadrant, you will make money.

In the Cashflow Quadrant you have a left and right side.

  • Employees and self-employed are earning most of their cash flow from a job or employer (left side).
  • Business and investor are receiving their cash from their assets (right side).

As the Rich Dad company, does the MLM Wolfpack focus on sharing financial education.

With our network marketing teachings we help you to transition from the employee and the self-employed to the business and the investor quadrants.

Moving to the Right Side  of the Quadrant

In addition, Robert Kiyosaki also explains how you can move between the quadrants and how your mindset determines your quadrant.

The internal communication is an important lesson in the Rich Dad’s 3 Step Guide to Financial Freedom.

Robert Kiyosaki: in my opinion, the Self-Employed quadrant is the riskiest quadrant because they really don’t have a safety net under them.

Another drawback for the self-employed, is government taxes.

The self-employed are taxed heavier than the businesses!

If you mind your own business a bit more, you don’t need to stay in the employee or self-employed quadrant. Work for your own business!

But most people work for their boss’ business.

With network marketing you can start working for your own business. Rich Dad’s 3 Step Guide to Financial Freedom will launch you in the right direction.

As s smart network marketing professional you should look for a business system.

How much leverage do you have in your business?

Are you trading time for a buck? A business system and a team can give you more leverage.

What About Taxes

Well, get the best legal advice as much as possible.

You don’t want to run into trouble.

Paying less taxes, should be a result of your financial literacy. It never should be the goal.

A business owner will try spending everything they possibly can and then pay their taxes on what’s left.

Security vs. Freedom

Simply put it this way:

  • The employee and self-employed quadrant’s mindset is Security
  • The business and investor quadrant’s mindset is Freedom

In our generation, we are moving further away from the industrial age to the information age. Let this shift works for you.

Having It All

To have it all you first need to have the desire to become rich. That will need some shift in your core values and the financial literacy to make the shift over.

The MLM Wolfpack review of Rich Dad’s 3 Step Guide to Financial Freedom, has many insights to have it all, and make a smooth shift.

Are you looking for more than security and comfort?

Download the Free eBook

eBook Summary

Thus from the eBook you will learn to fish, rather than receiving fish. The eBook is a good introduction in your financial education. The Rich Dad teachings and Robert Kiyosaki’s teaching style is practical and realistic.

In network marketing you need to apply what you teach. So it is with these financial teachings.

As a network marketing professional, you can apply and teach the Rich Dad’s 3 Step Guide to Financial Freedom.

What is better than a MLM team with more assets than liabilities?

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